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Bell Athletics, located in the N.E. corner of Arkansas was constructed and founded in the Fall of 1991 by 3 time Olympian and former World Record holder Earl Bell. The first Bell Athletics camp came quickly that Christmas consisting of 20 athletes. Now, in our 25th Year, Bell Athletics has become quite possibly the greatest place for pole-vaulters to train, learn and educate the vaulters of tomorrow and today.

Our facility is fully indoor, and private. We are not linked with, nor do we train our campers at a college or high school facility. Our indoor facility allows us to train and house our campers in a completely controlled environment including restrooms, showers, meals and of course, lots of training equipment. As a supplier of Gill Athletics vaulting poles, we are guaranteed to have the exact right pole every athlete will need during their stay with us.

Our facility is packed with knowledge brought by Earl and his staff of athletes; his former athletes include American Record holder and former Olympian Jeff Hartwig, Olympians Kellie Suttie, Jillian Schwartz, Becky Holliday, Derek Miles, Jeremy Scott,Chad Harting, and Yoo Kim, and of course current Masters World Record holder(80-85 and 85-95 yo) Dr. William Bell, plus many other nationally ranked vaulters. At our facility it isn't just the knowledge that Earl possesses, it is knowledge that has come from nearly 3 decades of greatness in this event category, and the ability to share this information with vaulters of all abilities and ages.

It is the knowledge of Earl, and his ability to coach athletes of all levels that has brought Bell Athletics to the top of the track and field world. In 1998 Earl was given the honor of being the National Olympic Coach of The Year, an impressive feat considering that he coaches a single event. In 2004 alone Bell Athletics fielded an incredible 50% of the American Olympic Pole-Vault team.

The camp system used at Bell Athletics is the same system used to coach our athletes. We make no changes, hold back no information, and go to great lengths to ensure that each vaulter we see gets the best coaching possible. To help facilitate this, our camps are limited to a very small number of athletes ensuring each vaulter receives individual attention and coaching from Earl (who is present, and is in charge of each and every camp).