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Summer Camp Intinerary

We are changing up our format for our Summer Camps this year. Instead of our previous 3-day arrangement, this year's camps will be as follows:

Day 1--------------------------------------------
- 12:00pm: Check-in and poop talk (house rules, what we will be doing at camp)
- 12:30pm: Begin first jump session; 0,2,4,6 steps
- 3:00pm: Break for late lunch on your own (time will vary depending on camp size)
- 4:30pm: Come back from lunch and poop talk (pole vault 101: adjustments, warm up jumps, moving grip and poles)
- 5:00pm: Begin second jump session; get back to an approach that will yield best results
- 7:00pm: Break on your own for the day

Day 2------------------------------------------------
- 10:00am: Poop talk (PR meet rules and info) and begin PR meet
- 12:00pm: Camp ends, head on home
- 2:00pm: Optional 4th jump session; depending on camp size and time constraints

Our optional 4th session on the third day will be decided the day of camp and will be $50 extra.

Things campers will need:
- Water bottle
- Running shoes/track spikes
- Open mind
- Good attitude
- Snacks (if you think you need a little extra food)
- Willingness to learn